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Universal And Kabbalistic Chakra Meditation On The Lord’s Prayer®

Duration: 1 day

Eligibility: Pranic Healing Level 1 graduates

Once in a while, a book stirs our consciousness and sets the soul aflame with the subtle, yet palpable recognition of our spiritual nobility. Such is the power that emanates from the Universal and Kabbalistic Chakra meditation on The Lord’s Prayer.

Master Choa Kok Sui presents The Lord’s Prayer beyond its traditional perspective, and as a system for spiritual development synthesizing three concepts of spirituality : the Biblical Lord’s Prayer, the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and the yogic concept of chakras or vortices of spiritual energy. How these elements are ingeniously transformed into a set of simple but powerful meditations is a testament to the author’s profound eclectic approach.

Consisting of two versions – the Universal and Kabbalistic – the meditation on the Lord’s Prayer is very easy to follow and does not require elaborate preparation. The Universal version uses each phrase of the prayer in correlation to a chakra while the kabbalistic version expands the breadth of the meditation through a close interplay of each line with the corresponding chakras and sephiroth.

This meditation brings us many steps higher to the divinity that lies dormant within each of us, and still further to the blissful transformative experience of aligning with the Will and Glory of Our Father.

Testimonial on "Universal & Kabbalistic Chakra Meditation on Lord's Prayer”(MLP) by Lilian Lee

❤️ I am very grateful that I would join MLP online course in November 2020, and have an opportunity to join review after 4 months(14 Mar). I got a brand-new experience by Master Choa Kok Sui's teaching of this Universal Lord's Prayer, and a deeper understanding of the meaning of each sentence of this prayer, and each sentence corresponds to the relevant chakras. I deeply understand the beauty of God and understand that we are the blessings of God.  By thinking of our bodies and chakras, and remembering the Reminders and Love given by God.  

😇 Our chakras with conscious. This course mentions being inside our chakras, so what is this?  If this is Angel... Do you want to communicate with them?  

💓 For me, the MLP is a very healing meditation. Every chakra is healed, including Meng Mein and Spleen chakras.  It is also a meditation with deep purification. This is a mini version of Kundalini meditation.  I am grateful that World Pranic Healing Foundation has set up online group MLP for graduates. After the Lunar New Year, I reorganized my practice schedule. I have gained a lot of benefits, during the group meditation in regular basis.  I had an experience on MLP, I noticed that something like small stones came out of my solar plexus. After they left my body, I felt that they blowout outside of my body, and I also felt the shock of this explosion.  It is a very wonderful and precious experience for me. That made me felt deep deep gratitude on Master Choa's teaching. I am also very grateful that Hong Kong has so many online courses happen that we have chance to learn more from Master Faith.