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Advanced Pranic Healing© Course

The Science and Art of Holistic Healing

Eligibility: Graduates of Pranic Healing (Level 1)

Upon completion of the course, a globally recognized electronic certificate will be issued by the Institute for Inner Studies. Graduates can use this certificate to continue their studies and refreshment in Pranic Healing Centers recognized in more than 90 countries and regions around the world.

Enhance your Pranic Healing© skills through the use of color pranas. Attend the Advanced Pranic Healing© Course and produce rapid, more effective healing results to treat more severe and chronic ailments.

After the course you should be able to
  • Create color Pranas effectively and with the correct hue and proportion
  • Use the right proportion and combinations of color Pranas to improve a wide range of physical ailments
  • Do advanced scanning to know the condition of the patient in detail
  • Perform specialized healing on more chronic ailments in shorter time
  • Do advanced healing for rapid recovery of wounds, pain and burns
  • Use advanced step-by-step techniques to purify the blood, the internal organs and boost the immune system
  • Use instructive healing
If you are interested in alleviating the pain and sufferings of yourself, your loved ones and others Advanced Pranic Healing is one of the best choices as it teaches you a more specialized and advanced healing technology that enables you to perform rapid and effective healing.
Course Prerequisite PRANIC HEALING© COURSE

Any enquiry about Pranic Healing Course, welcome to contact:
Course Coordinator: Miss Lilian LEE 95457444
WhatsApp register: https://wa.link/gqisn7