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Pranic Psychotherapy© Course

The Science and Art of Holistic Healing

Eligibility: Graduates of Advanced Pranic Healing (Level 2)

Upon completion of the course, a globally recognized electronic certificate will be issued by the Institute for Inner Studies. Graduates can use this certificate to continue their studies and refreshment in Pranic Healing Centers recognized in more than 90 countries and regions around the world.


Understand how thoughts and emotions affect our thinking patterns and behaviors. Take the Pranic Psychotherapy© Course and apply Pranic Healing© concepts and techniques to prevent and heal emotional and mental imbalances, psychological ailments, disorders, and addictions, and save and improve lives and relationships.

After the course you should be able to
  • Understand how thoughts and emotions affect our thinking patterns and behaviors
  • Use psychotherapy scanning to know the condition of your system and which thought and emotions affect you the most
  • Do Self Healing for tension, irritability, grief and anxiety
  • Use Pranic Psychotherapy to improve addictions of any kind
  • Treat depression and violence
  • Improve your relationship with your spouse, family, friends and co-workers
  • Shield your aura and your chakras to minimize the negative influence of the surrounding environment and the psychic attacks
  • Remove negative, self-defeating programming from childhood that holds you back
  • Improve your self-esteem
Knowing Pranic Psychotherapy is a necessity. It gives you proper knowledge and techniques to deal with psychological issues including stress, depression and anger. It is a must-learn workshop for all, especially parents, psychotherapists, consultants, students, supervisors and doctors. Pranic Psychotherapy provides the ability to control the mind and the emotions.

Any enquiry about Pranic Healing Course, welcome to contact:
Course Coordinator: Miss Lilian LEE 95457444
WhatsApp register: https://wa.link/gqisn7